What is hosting and which one to choose?

What is hosting and which one to choose?

The answer in just one sentence: Hosting is a place where individuals or organizations host their sites. Usually, when it comes to hosting, we mean a company that provides space on a computer (server) for your site files, as well as connects them to the Internet so that other computers can access your files. It is important to understand that a website is made up of various computer files that are linked together. In order for these files to be available on the World Wide Web, you need a server with a high-speed network connection and a large margin of power. That is, you simply upload your files to the server, and any Internet user will be able to access these files.

You can say: “Why should I use hosting services, because I can place the site files on my computer?” I will answer: “Of course you can,” – but then you need to open public access to these files. Your computer must be turned on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and at the same time, always be connected to the Internet. We will also add the corresponding software here, starting from the operating system (Windows Server or Unix) and ending with apache, php and mysql.

In order not to bother with all this and not spend money on electricity and broadband internet, there is a hosting service. Where the organization owns many computers and they are closely monitored by professionals. These professionals constantly monitor the status of the servers to avoid errors, and periodically back up files.

As a rule, hosting providers locate their servers in buildings (rooms) called Data Center (or Data Center).

The Data Processing Center provides a high-speed connection of servers to the Internet. It is also necessarily equipped with engineering facilities, such as: air conditioning systems, secure entry, fire protection, automatic backup, etc. to maintain safe and reliable operation with minimal uptime.

There are too many hosting service offers on the Internet and you can easily buy any of them. We recommend two hosting providers that we have proven over the years. For high-load sites, we recommend hosting MiroHost, and for medium and small projects – FreeHost. And for all cases Ukraine. And of course, do not forget about good vps hosting. If you need reliability, order a test vps server and see the difference between vps hosting and regular virtual hosting. For a long time, they have proven themselves with good sides and complaints – there is practically no for their work both from our side and from the side of clients.


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