The importance of responsive layout

The importance of responsive layout

Long gone are the days when the Internet was only a place where computer people gathered. Today it is a full-fledged media resource that can and should be used to generate income.

After all, every year the average check here is growing, and many stores have already completely switched to the online format of interaction with customers. It should be noted that the Internet is a fairly dynamic environment, and if you do not take into account modern factors, then there is a high probability of losing your customers. The trend of the last few years has been an increase in the number of mobile devices. This is why it is so important that website development is accompanied by responsive layout, one of the companies that offers it is here.

Basic principles

Any adequate web designer knows how important it is for the created page to look equally good on all devices and at the same time retain its functionality. This is a critical parameter for sites that sell goods and services on the Internet. In most of the niches, you can already see the parity between visits from traditional computers and gadgets.

That is why it is so important, before ordering a website, to add a point about adaptability to the terms of reference (TOR): the website will tell you more about this. Five years ago, a separate site was created for this purpose, usually on a subdomain. There was no way to combine everything into one whole. And this imposed certain difficulties, since from the point of view of search engines, subdomains are separate sites.

With the development of technologies and programming languages, layout standards, it has become much easier to implement a single concept for displaying content, which can already be considered a huge success for the entire industry.

A few more facts:

  • in 2016, the Google search engine announced that it would gradually introduce into the unified ranking formula the account of the “mobility” of the site, which means those who do not now care about adaptability may lose traffic in the future;
  • at the moment there are two versions of search – mobile and traditional in Yandex, and many do not even know that they are losing customers from scratch;
  • adaptability allows you to significantly speed up the speed of the site;
  • this concept has a positive effect on behavioral factors.

Search engines have long ceased to single out the link base as a basis for determining the quality of the site. More and more factors are taken into account such as the time spent on the project, the number of pages viewed, the use of HTTPS, the clickability of the snippet for key queries, the return of users to the search, and other points.

The presence of a responsive layout improves these indicators, and with them the success of the site in getting traffic. So to summarize, it’s very important that your landing page or main site is gadget friendly if you’re interested in growing your bottom line.

Basic principles

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