Introducing Tilda Publishing Online Website Builder

Introducing Tilda Publishing Online Website Builder

Even if not so long ago, just a decade ago, to create your own resource, you had to turn to a whole team of professionals – programmers, copywriters, designers. The cost of such services of specialists is by no means cheap. However, today everything has changed.

For example, the online website builder Tilda Publishing will allow you to create exactly what you need here and now without any help.

How does all this happen? Everything is as easy as shelling pears and does not imply any skills or special skills for a beginner site builder. You just need to solve a dilemma regarding the choice of the optimal package for your needs. In total, the latter are offered 3. Moreover, each of them differs not only in its cost, but also in its specific features. Let’s briefly analyze each of the proposals from Tilda Publishing.

The package called “Free” is perfectly logical for those who do not intend to pay a dime. However, this product is free of charge due to some restrictions. So, the volume of the resource from Тіlda Publіshіng, formed on the basis of such a package, will be limited to fifty pages. Of course, the “weight” of the site also implies some restrictions, in particular – 50 MB.

A package called “Personal” from Tilda Publishing comes with a small but small price tag. We are talking about the amount of a monthly installment of either 500 or 750 rubles. The specific amount directly depends on the concluded term of the contract. Of course, forming a resource based on this package, the site builder will have several more opportunities for design experiments. In addition to the above, the volume of the resource can be much more significant, reaching half a thousand pages. Moreover, the “weight” of a site formed on the basis of the “Personal” package can reach 1 GB.

The most expensive and functional package from Тіlda Publіshіng is an analogue called “Business”. Its key advantage is that by paying only a thousand (well, or 1250 rubles) monthly, you get the opportunity to create not only one, but 5 different sites. Regarding the number of pages and the “weight” of the resources offered, everything remains the same as in the previous package “PerSonal”, in other words, again, pages – 500, and the “weight” – 1 GB. The advantage of this last proposal is that each of these 5 created resources is possible for export. The latter means that if relations with Тіlda Publіshіng suddenly do not work out, the created resources will still work for you.


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